RAVE FLAVORS™ Concentrates are designed to deliver outstanding results in a broad range of popular liquid, dry, or frozen dessert bases. RAVE FLAVORS™ are formulated to allow you to optimize the balance between the flavors you select and the base you use.

STORAGE: RAVE FLAVORS™ Concentrates are shelf stable for 18 months when stored unopened in a cool dry place. Do not freeze, expose to direct sun, or excessive heat. To insure maximum flavor refrigerate after opening.

USAGE: RAVE FLAVORS™ Concentrates are blended with 2 to 3 ounces of flavor per gallon of base depending on the flavor profile you want. Prepare the base, add the desired amount of flavor and mix completely. Pour into the hopper and chill.

For the Electro Freeze® Fuzionate: RAVE FLAVORS™ Quart Bottles are designed for direct use in the Electro Freeze® Fuzionate machine. Just take the empty bottle out, remove the snorkel cap and put it into a RAVE FLAVORS™ Quart Bottle, hand tighten, then place it into the Fuzionate’s flavor rack.